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ConsulTECH is now a LeaderQuest campus for IT career training and IT certification. LeaderQuest provides the most popular and in-demand IT training courses and certifications as well as complete IT career training programs designed to get you trained for a new job fast!

All of our training and programs are designed around the current local job markets. Students receive high-velocity training and certifications for skills that local employers need now. And employers are confident when hiring LeaderQuest graduates that they will have the skills needed to get the job done!

With ConsulTECH being one of the oldest Microsoft technology IT training firms in the United States, you can expect the same superior technology training by seasoned, experienced and certified instructors while also enjoying additional LeaderQuest benefits including:

The AIR FORCE RECOGNIZED CONSULTECH as the most effective in preparing and test CERTIFYING their candidates at 19 different Air Force installations to achieve their CompTia certification goals.

Consultech/LeaderQuest is also approved for Worksource education benefits! Call today for more information and to see if you qualify.

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